Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stampin Up Wheel Tip

One of the things I absolutely hate doing is buying more products than I really need. With my wheels, I typically do not use them for anything more than a card. If this is the way you use your wheels, then this tip is for you! Instead of buying all those cartridges, you can use your ink pads to ink up your wheels. The length of the stamp on the wheel will easily cover a 5.25 inch width. I love this because it also saves some time.... the time it takes to *FIND* the cartridge and put it in the wheel (at least in my organized mess!)... The only downfall is that you have ink your wheel in between uses. This tip works best for the jumbo wheels... only 2 runs through the ink and its done! Try it!


Amy said...

I do this too and it is a big money saver. I even tell my customers because in the long run they appreciate the truth about stuff like this. :)

StampMom said...

Thanks for the tip -- I'll have to try this with my Baroque wheel.