Sunday, December 14, 2008

Glitter tip

Don't you hate it when your glitter gets everywhere and you can't pick it up? Try using a swiffer cloth. The glitter sticks to it so well and it makes clean-up so much easier!


Jen said...

Thank you!
I purchased some silk flowers for my mother in law the other day and they had glitter on them. Well, now that lovely glitter is all over my kitchen floor. :(
I'll have to give this swiffer idea a go because now it's all over the bottom of all our socks which means it will soon be all over my carpet! ACK!

bluemoon said...

Great clean up help, thanx. When using loose glitter, I take a sheet of plain white photocopy/computer paper that we use, fold & crease in 1/2, both ways & inwards to catch the glitter, then use my magic bag over the whole paper, then when I sprinkle my good glitters over, all I have to do, is fold along one of the creases and dump back into my pot of glitter! I don't end up with tons of glitter all over this way.