Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wise Men

Ahhhh!! I finally have some time to post... This is another Christmas card I decided to make. I found this SAH-WEET little Christmas stamp on sale for 50% off!! It's made by Stampendous! There are several coordinating stamps sold seperately. The name of the group of stamps is The Nativity Cast. They are sooo stinkin cute!
So, here's the story behind this card... I spent a while stamping out several images of this stamp on the Vanilla paper and then colored them in with Prismacolor pencils, gamsol, and stickles 2 days before we had to go to this party... Well, during the two days, I was busting my buns to get food made. Sooo, it came down to crunch time and, as always, this happens and that happens.. So I didn't get my cards done in time. Well, since we had over an hour to drive, I decided I would make my cards in the car (risking getting car sick!).

Well, we got started down the road and after 10 minutes into the drive I pulled out the supplies I packed. I brought with me several stamps (greetings and background), an ink pad, paper, trimmer, ribbon, the stamped pieces, and a corner punch. I spent about 15 minutes cutting my 8.5 x 11 CS in half and scoring them. When that was done, I pulled out the little starburst stamp out (from a SU set--wood mounted) and stamped the background. All was good. Sooo, ok, now its time to put the little saying on the front. So I reached into my bag to find the acrylic block (which already had the stamp on it), and to my surprise, IT WASN"T THERE!!! Oh Crap!! Now what am I gonna do!! The card just isn't complete without the saying!! Much to my dismay, I came to terms with the fact that we weren't turning around to drive 40-some miles to get my stamp, and that no saying on the card would just have to do. The next step came.... I pulled out the saying for the inside of the card. OMG!! No acrylic block! Hmmm, is there anything I can use??? I'm sitting there thinking, a-ha! what about the DVD tin? So I inked up the stamp and stamped the inside of one of the cards, thinking that this was a great idea---NOT! The stamp only stamped about half of the saying.... GRRRRRR! Ok, now I just wasted a card. Now what am I gonna do??? So my husband got the bright idea to use the back of a CD cover. I gave it a try and it worked!! Finally something worked out!!

I pulled out the smaller pieces and spent a good 10 minutes wrapping the ribbon around the gold pieces of all of the cards. Ahhh! Finally, that was done. Then I took all of the stamped pieces and rounded the corners with a punch (flinging the little corners everywhere in the car, no less). When I got finished with that, I reached down into my bag and would you believe it??? The mono adhesive was GONE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING???? Where was my head? Going stir crazy at this point! Now what??? We spied an Office Max and stopped there on the way to the party (still having about 30 miles left to go).. Certainly they must have some Tombow! NOT!!! GRRRRRR!! Ok, now I'm thinking what now? Elmers? Horrible thoughts were going through my head about having a mess in the car, and not being dry by the time we got there... But! Then I got the bright idea that Scotch double sided tape would do the trick--more of a pain in the butt--but it will work. AHHHH!! Now I can finally finish the cards!! Long story short, I was literally signing and sealing the envelopes when we pulled up to the party!!! Can you say STRESS???? BAH HUMBUG!! LOL ... The lengths I will go to to get a card done!

Needless to say, here is the dreaded recipe LOL:

  • SU Artichoke, Vanilla CS, Brushed Gold CS
  • Prismacolor pencils, gamsol
  • stickles
  • Scotch Double-sided---pain-in-the-butt tape!
  • Printworks stamp set
  • Stampendous Wise Men stamp
  • SU Snow Flurries Stamp set
  • Ribbon
  • corner punch
This card was actually the original card--the way it was supposed to be!!!
Enjoy! and Happy Holidays!

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Flossie's Follies said...

This card is adorable, love those little guys and your coloring is fantastic. It is amazing how creative we can get under pressure.