Friday, May 11, 2007

New Pet

We have a new pet!! I call him Froggy-boy. Every night around 9 pm I hear him just outside my back door croaking his heart out. When you stand outside my house at night, you can hear hundreds of frogs croaking. Its the most soothing least to me!! Anyway, we found this little guys hiding spot and played around with him for a while... Mean huh?!? They are so much fun! I didn't get a good picture of it, but when we were holding him he puffed all up-- His whole body and his croaker thing.. (dunno what those are called--you know, the thing under their chin?!?) If you know what it's called, I would like to know!!


Stampingcaz said...

LOL Hi there froggy boy!! What a cutie, I love frogs

ZachNZoe said...

Hi Sarah,

After I saw your froggy - I wondered about that too! How do they make their noise? Anyway here's what I found:
Great blog!


Peggy Maier said...

Love these little frogs - we've had so much rain lately they are very vocal here too.

Stephanie Alton said...

I don't know what they are called either, but when my older son was about 3 (he's 30 now) saw a lizrd with the "thingy" coming out from under his throat he said " look Mommy! He's chewing the gum!"

Mary said...

I'm not sure what kind of frog he is....but the thing under his chin is called a vocal sack.


P.S. Great pics!

Jan Scholl said...

I can hear them too from the creek or the farmer's field. I love creatures with small hands and teeny fingers. Will froggy boy go acourtin' and bring home a froggy family? HOpefully, no cats will think he is a toy. MIne would if I let them out (they had a june bug scarred witless last night until I scooped the poor baby outside to the garden)

Rochelle W said...

Super cute. Last weekend my husband was digging up some bushes in our yard and he found a frog the size of his hand. That thing was huge. I like frogs. I used to catch them when I was little.