Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm still here! I just got done with a really hectic week. I've been spending most of my days down at the oncology unit helping with infusions. I finally got the paper done and out of the way. Now I have a little bit of time over the weekend to just relax! Hopefully I'll get to stamp! Sometimes being in such a demanding program is hard on everyone--especially the kids. They don't get to spend much time with mom. So this weekend is devoted to spending some much needed time with my kids and trying to have fun! I just received a new order of Bellas and can't wait to play with them. Hopefully I can get crafty real soon!!


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh...have fun with your kids and with your Bellas. I still need to get some of those. They are the cutest, aren't tey?!

Peggy Maier said...

Glad you're able to be with the kids on this long weekend - I know they'll be happy to have mom back & get her undivided attention. Have fun.

Kristine Reynolds said...

Hope you have a great weekend Sarah!