Friday, May 23, 2008

more Hawaii fun!

While we were there the kids and I got henna tattoos. It was fun to do as a family! A little spendy, but it was fun! I don't have the guts to get a real one. I have horrible images in my head that the tattoo will get all stretched out or something--gross! So, I have never gotten one. The last pic was taken on the last day. We were goofing around on a bench in an outdoor mall... :P


Rochelle W said...

Super cute pictures. Can't tell you scrap. LOL

Whimsey said...

Adorable pictures; love the idea of the henna tattoos; I'm so with you on 'stretching out'; I always think of people I see "what will that look like when you're 85 or 90"!!! ROFLOL

Michele, SBS10

Michelle said...

Very cool! Love to have a tat, but have the same fears as you - stretching out, or getting lost in the wrinkles when I'm a bit older is enough to put me off. The henna ones look great! Could sooo do with a holiday anywhere warm at the moment!