Thursday, December 28, 2006

Reorganizing Day!

Today I am reorganizing all my scrapping and stamping supplies. Over Christmas I have found that I have so many things here and there that I couldn't make sense of it all! So today I am spending the day reorganizing. College starts back up in a week and I really need to get 'er done! I only have 2 more quarters of Nursing School to finish my RN degree--YAY! Every quarter gets a little harder and a little more tedious so I wanted to get ahead on my cleaning/reorganizing before I start back up. This way if I want to craft while I'm in school, I can do it more quickly and efficiently than I have been able to in the last 2 years. I found that because I cannot craft, I end up fulfilling my creative desires by purchasing! BAD, BAD, BAD!! This, in turn, has added to my ongoing organized mess of craft supplies--YIKES! Ok, I'm off to start reorganizing!! Happy Holidays!

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