Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 quilt

I didn't do much this year in the way of quilting. I have been in Nursing school and have been going all year long. So in my extremely small amount of spare time I managed to quilt out 2 quilts--both the same. One was for my niece and her baby. And the other was for a friend and her baby. It was very convenient because this particular pattern is a one-way pattern. Because I wanted the pinwheels to go one way only, cutting the pieces left the reverse pattern available to use on the second one. I didn't take pictures of the second one (in reverse pattern), and wish I would have. My mom recently bought an embroidery machine and we embroidered the baby's name along the side of the quilt in big letters. It turned out so cute!! The pictures here are of the one for my friend. I didn't have time to embroider a name on that one. I managed to get both quilt tops done in one week and the quilting done over a weekend. I'm hoping that when I'm done with school I will be able to do more.

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