Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue ribbon awards!

I decided to put some of my work in as exhibits in the Clark County Fair this year. I could only enter 6 items. So, I put 4 of my paper crafts and 2 of my quilts. These are cards and crafts that I have posted on this blog in the past. I will be posting my quilts on my other blog Lovin My Quilts soon. Anyhow, I won 4 blue ribbons! It stinks that they don't award rosettes for paper crafts at this fair. It may be because it is just a paper craft (??). I don't know, but I think it deserves more respect than that. There were many different displays of cards and SB pages. They just weren't as touted as highly as the other crafts. Photography was huge! The quilts were awesome. I love to look at the display of quilts. My mom and aunt are both entering quilts in the Oregon State Fair this year. Can't wait to see what ribbons they got! I Wish I lived in Oregon so I could enter! WA State Fair is just too far away for me to drop everything and go enter. Maybe another time!


momofmonkeys said...

AWESOME!!!!! good job!

Rochelle W said...

Good for you!!! You submitted great cards too. Way to go Sara!

Chris said...