Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another TAG!

I was tagged by Heather one of my SBS10 sistahs!

1. Stamping Style: Fun and experimental -I am always dreaming of things to do with a card..
2. Inspiration: Reading my favorite blogs, reading crafty books, working with color combos.
3. Color: Gem tones are my favorite--blues, greens, purples
4. Work Space: Unfortunately for now it is on the kitchen table... but in the very near future it will be in my own craft room--then I will be in heaven!!
5. Perfect day: A day when I can do anything I want with NOOOO interruptions. My biggest pet peeve is being interrupted--especially if I'm crafting...
6. First Job: Albertson's grocery store--I went from bagging groceries to preparing deli meals. I think I was about 17.
7. Wildest dream: To live somewhere in the Carribean on a beach soaking up rays all day long in the tropics!!
8. Ink: Stampin Up inks--all of them.
9. Family: My husband and 2 wonderful kids Avery 14, and Emily 12.
10. Bevarage: Diet Pepsi
11. Biggest Challenge: Balancing family life with a nursing career.. Shift work stinks!

I'm tagging all of my SBS10 sistahs! You know who you are! *wink* You Rock

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stampingmommy said...

Love your post!! Your last question makes me think of the county song - shift work. Have you heard it - he he!! Thanks for playing!
Heather (SBS 10)